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About Us

We are a Sydney based electrical company who specializes in solar energy design and installation.

Owner James Ward has been an electrician for 13 years and has worked primarily on high-end residential houses throughout the Northern Beaches and Eastern Suburbs. Commercial contracts have been in the city, including more notably various Barangaroo sites.

We provide your solar solution from start to finish, with free quotes to friendly ongoing customer support once we complete the install.

Our vision is to provide design, sale and install all under one roof. Your own crew of licensed professionals will install the system rather than subcontractors as a lot of other companies do, this provides a better finish and less problems in the future.

We are CEC accredited for both design and install.

Covering all of Sydney, Blue Mountains, Central Coast and Wollongong.


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How does solar power work?

Have you ever wondered how solar panels turn sunlight into electricity? And how does shade affect a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, like on a cloudy day? 

How sunlight is converted to electricity:

When sunlight hits the PV cells in a solar panel, electrons are knocked loose and move around. These loose electrons can be captured so they move in the same direction around a circuit. An electric current is formed by this flow of electrons in the same direction.

By connecting many PV cells to each other in a panel and wiring a number of panels together (called an array),

a flow of electrons is created and produces direct current (DC) electricity. The more panels in an array, the more electricity is made.

In our homes and businesses we use 240 volt alternating current (AC) electricity. Therefore, a box called an inverter – usually no bigger than your average shopping basket – is used to convert the DC electricity to AC so it can be used in your premises.

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He arrived at the scheduled time and was courteous and efficient and eager to help out. He had the required equipment and left a clean worksite behind. Great job!

Scott, Vaucluse

James did a professional job, at a very reasonable price. He was very enthusiastic, and friendly. Very prompt service. Would highly recommend.

Karen, Dee Why

James was a topnotch electrician I would highly recommend to anyone, he came in last minute in the weekend did a good job fast and efficient.

Lee, Cammeray

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